Holy Venom

Ultimate self defense
Holy Venom™ sets the industry standard for everyday carry ammunition, showcasing an effective velocity range of 700fps to 1400fps. With bullet expansion reaching triple its original size, it ensures devastating performance by maximizing kinetic energy for maximum damage without over-penetration. Holy Venom™ effortlessly penetrates barriers like car doors while preserving impact integrity even in challenging conditions. Its robust structural integrity and cutting-edge engineering leave no room for competition
—Holy Venom, Protecting Lives, Defending Futures!


What customers can expect from the ultimate everyday carry bullet:

  • The Holy Venom™ handgun bullet is designed for one-shot stopping power
  • Aggressive tissue expansion without over-penetration, an average soft tissue penetration of 8 inches
  • Delivers fast and complete energy transfer
  • Ultimate bullet for personal protection in everyday carry firearms
  • Effectively penetrates glass or light sheet metal en route to the target
  • Retains its structural integrity, No loss of petals
  • Ideal for law enforcement due to controlled penetration requirements
  • Extremely effective in tactical and counter-terror applications
  • 100% Lead free
  • Available in 9mm and 45




Reloading information provided are not guaranteed to be free from errors and defects. Use at own risk! Reloading can be dangerous as equipment differs and our published data even for best case scenario’s are not able to factor in all the possible variants.

Reloading with or based on our supplied information as well as the firing of reloaded ammunition is done entirely at own risk. PEREGRINE BULLETS can not be held responsible for the correctness of any reloading information provided. The load data published by PEREGRINE BULLETS is intended as a guide only and for use by skilled and experienced re-loaders familiar with safe reloading techniques.


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