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The Peregrine Legacy

Peregrine BulletsTM has officially been designing hunting bullets since 2009, but our story starts earlier with an alliance between two passionate hunters with the dream of conquering where everyone else had failed.

The Origins of Peregrine Bullets

In 1986 the renowned South African hunter, Adriaan Rall, teamed up with Louis Nel. The two-man team made a pact that they would create a monolithic that would overcome not only the various issues associated with lead bullets, but also the difficulties that were posed by the copper based monolithic bullets of the time. Adriaan and Louis’ research experiments delivered promising results and their prototypes went into small scale production. The venture sadly ended many years ago with Louis passing away at a very early age.

The Challenge

Peregrine Bullets/Peregrine Monolithics is where you will find close to 300 uniquely different bullets to choose from. All our products are very modern and state of the art lathe turned bullets. We cover all shooting disciplines, hunting, target shooting and extreme long range shooting for all kinds of rifles, lever actions and handguns.

At Peregrine we believe in the future and invest heavily in research and development through the use of modern tools and state of the art computational flow design and analysis.

Adriaan and Louis’ research experiments delivered promising results and their prototypes laid the foundation many years ago for a bright future. Many years later on Corno and Adriaan created six new bullet families for a solid platform to build and grow the new Peregrine Bullets company. Today in a total of eight families all our bullets evolved to very advanced designs with performance and quality the highest priority.

From humble beginnings to healthy growth

Towards the end of 2010 Peregrine formally entered the South African market of monolithic bullets. In a relatively short time the product line expanded to include various copper and brass monolithic bullets. Since its inception Peregrine Bullets addressed and remedied all the difficulties associated with copper based monolithic bullets.

Today, a decade later, our products are sold on 3 continents and we also have our own unique copper alloy that is highly similar to the jackets of cup and core bullet. This copper alloy offer all the advantages of copper jackets in terms of reduced copper fouling and reduced friction. Our bullet material is softer than cup and core jackets for enhanced barrel performance and comparable life.

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