Hunting with lever action rifles
Hogmaster bullets set the standard for lever-gun and revolver hunting. Designed for outstanding stopping power and accuracy, along with controlled expansion and deep penetration even at low impact velocities. These innovative bullets are designed to be safe for use in tubular magazines. Engineered for extreme lethality, especially on larger framed game, they stand as the perfect choice for Magnum Revolvers and modern cowboy rifles.


What customers can expect from our cowboy hunting bullet line:

  • Monolithic bullets are longer for similar weight to lead-core bullets
  • Increased penetration on larger frame animals
  • Pin-point accuracy, precision manufactured bullet
  • Optimal nose design for tubular magazine safety, prevents primer striking
  • Increased velocity and less recoil in comparison with lead-core bullets
  • Can be shot at much higher velocities than jacketed bullets
  • Bullet specifications adhere to current SAAMI or CIP standards,
  • Reduced copper build up
  • Increased barrel life
  • 100% lead free
  • Available in all calibers from .226 to 50 cal




Reloading information provided are not guaranteed to be free from errors and defects. Use at own risk! Reloading can be dangerous as equipment differs and our published data even for best case scenario’s are not able to factor in all the possible variants.

Reloading with or based on our supplied information as well as the firing of reloaded ammunition is done entirely at own risk. PEREGRINE BULLETS can not be held responsible for the correctness of any reloading information provided. The load data published by PEREGRINE BULLETS is intended as a guide only and for use by skilled and experienced re-loaders familiar with safe reloading techniques.


CaliberWeightTwistG1 BCG7 BC
.4291801 in 200.0000.000
.4311801 in 200.0000.000
.4512501 in 200.0000.000
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