Velocity Insensitive, Consistent Expansion, Independant of Target Medium.

The mission for developing the PEREGRINE™ bullet range was to design the most accurate, dependable and predictable bullet - utilizing cutting edge technology to the extreme and meant for the gun connoisseur.

The PEREGRINE™ bullet range consists of six types of bullets that address the total spectrum of hunting and target shooting needs, and is furthermore the only bullet range completely environmental friendly due to the choice of materials used. The bullets are superior in that it consists of parts machined to the smallest tolerances, ensuring the most accurate and consistent performance. Further superiority is achieved by increased muzzle velocities. Terminal effect exceeds expectations as a result of a separate mechanical initiator design, bullet shape and choice of materials - ensuring consistent, controlled expansion and penetration. These bullets function consistently and predictably, and furthermore are velocity insensitive’ -a first for the international hunting industry. The hunter now simply has only three choices: bullets for plains-game, bush or dangerous game. As a result of the shorter bearing surface, the PEREGRINE™ bullet has reduced barrel-friction, resulting in decreased chamber pressure and recoil with increased velocity, less barrel-wear and temperature build-up. Obturation is achieved at the rear boat-tail with an accurate machined seating surface.

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Go Green... Peregrine!

 Manufactured in South Africa

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